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Berlin is a place of unique appeal to investors, entrepreneurs and pioneers of groundbreaking ideas. For the creative start-up scene and for NGOs, the capital city is a hub and rallying point with its proximity to politics. With its Berlin location GET AHEAD Executive Search underlines its focus on recruitment consulting in the public sector and for non-governmental organizations.

A valid truth for both sectors is that scarce financial resources, growing demands of the citizens and increasing competition make professionalization indispensable. In order to set the course for the future direction of an institution and sometimes also its continued existence, executives with strong decision-making skills and a high level of management competence are required. Every staffing decision must be accompanied by careful consideration and weighting of all essential requirements for the position. In the public sector, for example, this includes the legal framework or the political orientation associated with the complex decision-making process. A leader in this field must be able to move with confidence and agility between numerous areas of tension while maintaining a position to develop visions that can be implemented.

Increasing efficiency by implementing a digitization strategy

Public organizations are under considerable pressure to satisfy their stakeholders and goals through efficient use of resources. To this end, consistently implementing a digitization strategy is key. GET AHEAD supports institutions in recruiting leaders who are competent, prudent and decisive in driving digital transformation in public, social and cultural institutions.

Generational change and succession search

Ambitious personalities are needed at the top of NGOs who, in addition to the foundation's or founding purposes, stray neither from the path to success nor the interests of their supporters. In the years to come, many NGOs will be looking for successors in the course of a generational change, which should be well thought-out and sustainable.

GET AHEAD Executive Search stands at your service as a reliable partner with a carefully selected network. We leave clearly blazed trails and deliberately present a diverse selection of candidates, if needed with an international outlook.

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